• mechanically improved joystick for extra smooth movement
  • spike feet with separate, anti-slip pads (included in the package)
  • integrated holder for the pads
NOTA and medals

The earlier model was not that bad either (Finnish Shooting team in Slovenia 2017)


Your Number One front rest

Our focus is clear: quality comes first. We make the parts, fine-tune and test every single unit, one by one, before sending to our customers.

NOTA rest was designed and engineered according to a vast amount of ideas and experiences from shooters around the world.


NOTA by Nousicor
NOTA front rest
NOTA rest
NOTA pads
NOTA coarse adjustment
NOTA spike


About NOTA front rest 

  • Offers vertical and horizontal movements enough for 25m shooting
  • Unique NOTA- joystick stabilizator. Joystick is firmly supported by a mechanical stabilizator; not only by the shooter’s hand
  • Free rotating top to eliminate horizontal angular momentum against the rifle
  • NOTA dual-sandbag structure. Military grade fabrics, strong and slippery
  • Interchangeable: left and right hand operation
  • Precisely & smoothly adjustable top fits all stocks 1,6 – 3,3″ wide
  • Adjustable stop
  • Spike feet with anti-slip pads
  • Vertical coarse adjustment 20 mm 
  • Integrated holder for the pads - never lose them anymore 🙂
  • Weight: 7,6 kg (14,8 lb)
  • Height of the sandbag at lowest position: 195 mm from the table
  • Overall dimensions: (L)49 cm*(W)24 cm*(H) 25 cm
  • Materials: Mostly anodized aluminium, stainless steel, composite
  • Made in Finland
  • Patent pending


Company information:

NOTA smart shooting

Legal business name: Nousicor oy


Business ID: FI28854542