NOTA Front rest

1 230,00 

Standard color is white however, we sometimes combine different shades of white in order to make each NOTA front rest slightly individual and unique.     

Delivery time: We try to keep a few rests in stock at all times. Otherwise, it takes 6-8 weeks to build the rest and get it ready to ship. In case the delivery time is longer we will inform it here.



  • Interchangeable: left and right hand operation
  • MOA: well enough for 25m benchrest and all distances upwards
  • Free rotating top to eliminate horizontal angular momentum against the rifle
  • Precisely & smoothly adjustable top fits all stocks 1,6 – 3,3″ wide
  • Adjustable stop
  • Spike feet with anti-slip pads
  • Integrated holder for the pads – never lose them anymore 🙂
  • NOTA dual-sandbag structure to allow perfect longitudial movement of the rifle caused by recoil
  • Unique NOTA- joystick stabilizator with integrated brake system to limit the effect of a shaking hand. When aiming, the joystick rests on a rigid stabilizator lever rather than on shooter’s hand only.
  • Weight: 7,6 kg (14,8 lb)
  • Overall dimensions: (L)49 cm*(W)24 cm*(H) 25 cm
  • Comes with user manual with detailed instructions
  • Patent pending